• Professionalism and authenticity

  • Evidential Readings

  • Sacred Moments

Anita provides evidential readings, grounded in respectful communication, tender humor and compassion.


What people are saying.

  • It was a wonderful and unexpected experience. I recognized who came through. The messages were quite clear. She was friendly and warm. I enjoyed that she explained things. Allowed me time to respond. I enjoyed the readings so much. I hope to get a reading again soon. Thank you, Anita.

    - Sheila
  • She made her reading very open and she connected with my love ones

    - Lindsey
  • Very clear even with a number of very strong female personalities wanting to be dominant in the reading.

    - Mary


Imagine sitting with a good friend discussing your loved ones, their personalities, the impact that they had on your life and memories of your time together.

This is what a reading is like with Anita.