About Anita

Hello, I’m Anita Self and welcome to my website.

I am an Evidential Medium, nurse, wife, mother, and avid adventurer.

My role as an Evidential Medium is to provide facts that support that life does indeed continue after physical death. This information is communicated directly from your passed loved ones to me through visions, sounds, and smells. There are times too when I can feel their historical health ailments and physically experience what it would have been like to be them. This experience with your loved ones in spirit is called a reading. 

A reading with me feels like; sitting with a good friend, discussing your loved ones, their personalities, the impact that they had on your life, and reminiscing about your time together. It is my desire for you to enjoy your reading, to feel comfortable, relaxed and experience a sprinkling of laughter, just as you would in a meaningful conversation with someone you trust.

Integrity and honesty form the foundation for my Evidential Mediumship readings. Therefore I am accountable to my mentor and continually collaborate with experts who are highly regarded in this arena.

The values of compassion and kindness are at the heart of my work, as people who are seeking comfort and direction deserve genuine heart-warming readings that will positively impact their lives.