It was a wonderful and unexpected experience. I recognized who came through. The messages were quite clear. She was friendly and warm. I enjoyed that she explained things. Allowed me time to respond. I enjoyed the readings so much. I hope to get a reading again soon. Thank you, Anita.

- Sheila

She made her reading very open and she connected with my love ones

- Lindsey

Very clear even with a number of very strong female personalities wanting to be dominant in the reading.

- Mary

Anita is an incredible person with a wonderful giving nature who shares her gift. I would recommend Anita in a heartbeat. I wish you every success in the future and keep up the good job ! From bonnie Scotland, Sean. (P.s. best 15 minute reading I’ve ever had!)

- Sean

Anita, you are absolutely amazing! You have such a beautiful soul. I appreciate you so much for making my first medium reading experience so wonderful. I will forever cherish those special messages in my heart ♥️ It was such an honor to connect with you. Thank you so much! I hope someday soon I can do it again

- Sarah

Anita was wonderful. She had several very strong hits. She brought through my grandfather and described him accurately. She had a very good connection with other family members who have passed. It was a lovely heartwarming reading. Very grateful for the experience!

- Kelly

Anita was very professional and clear in the reading she did for me. She was very accurate with the information that she got from spirit, my son. She also went back to his childhood which I thought was amazing! Anita also picked up on other people that I knew in spirit. Anita was very sympathetic for the loss of my son. She was confident and knowledgeable which made me feel very comfortable with her and my reading. I would highly recommend Anita. She did a great job! Thank you, Love and Light

- DeAnna

Thanks a lot for providing a wonderful experience by connecting to my Angel Son. Anita was very much crisp and precise with her words. She Provided me multiple pieces of evidence of what my kid loved to do, what he thought, his favorite colors, food etc. Further, she mentioned something about a bracelet he wore. After finishing the session with Anita we received a call from my mother in law and she was mentioning having a dream about someone gifting a bracelet to my wife. That was a sweet coincidence. I would highly recommend Anita as a medium.

- Pratik

My reading with Anita was thoughtful and direct. She connected with several loved ones on the other side. I am so grateful to have been able to experience her gifts.

- Nikki

Anita is very calm, friendly and professional!  I felt very comfortable with her and she left me in a very peaceful frame of mind.  My life feels more fulfilled finally connecting with my grandfather, which was VERY accurate.  Thank you Anita!

- Nate

I have been really missing my father since his birthday a few days ago. He came right in off the bat and Anita described his personality and mannerisms to a T. She described exact memories of things we had done together in my childhood and gave me a lovely message from him. Thank you!

- Anna

It’s my pleasure to have spent nice time with you. You have a lovely gift of communicating to the spirit world beautifully. And yes you are a lovely human  I had a blessed time during the reading. It was very resonating to me.

- Vesa

Anita is absolutely AMAZING! She was very spot on with everything she brought forward. She was very confident and 10000% genuine in my reading. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a reading.

- Amanda

Anita was such a lovely person and made me feel extremely comfortable with her reading. She brought through both my grandmothers and their personalities. She also brought through evidence that there is no way she would have known. She then brought in my great grandfather and information that not only was to do with them but also my son. My goofy boy came in at the end and brought a smile and laughter to both Anita and myself. She again brought his personality and all his silly little things he would do. She also brought in very detailed information so I knew without a doubt it was my boy. Hearing from him especially now during the holidays has warmed my heart so much. I truly can’t thank her enough for her kindness and sharing her gifts with me.

- Katy

My reading was amazing. Full of love & light! I was able to clearly recognize my loved ones.

- Geromina

I enjoyed my reading with Anita! She was very kind and made me feel as if I was hearing straight from my loved ones. The evidence she provided was on target. She was easy to talk to and I like how positive her energy was when I was interacting with her.

- LaShellé

Anita is a professional and makes the sitter so comfortable and follows a beautiful process. She takes her own time to patiently give the reading even if it takes a little longer and doesn’t rush in to give evidence and complete as I have felt this with some other mediums. She articulates well and empathised with me over my recent loss of my husband. It felt to me as I am talking to a friend about my loved one. She gave good amount of evidence for both my loved Ones and it made me happy. Highly recommended and I hope to get a reading again from her in the future.

- Taruna

Anita is a delightful soul who brought messages from my Gramma and described memories with great detail.  I would recommend her to anyone wishing to connect to spirit.

- Tracy