Here’s why I started a blog

Document my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I thoroughly enjoy processing my thoughts feelings and experiences internally. Often I will use research, evidence, and expert collaboration to grow and dive deeper into the mystery of this world and beyond. Documenting on-screen helps me make a bit more sense of everything. By the way, I don’t have this all figured out, but I am happy to acknowledge that it’s ok.

Provide content on the sacredness and beauty of mediumship.

Mediumship is often seen as stage/TV/party entertainment or at its worse fraudulent, manipulative, and scarring. The sacredness and beauty of connecting with passed loved ones is often squandered and evidence for the existence of consciousness is disregarded. It is my desire, through my thoughts, feelings, and experiences to show the gracefulness and healing that true mediumship can bring.

To provide food for thought on the continuation of consciousness after death

There is evidence for the survival of consciousness or life after death, there are books and research papers, and observational evidence on this topic. I have a lot to learn about this subject as well I have an aspiration to be knowledgeable in the art, science, and evidence of mediumship. I presume that we will always have limited knowledge until we transition from our earthly bodies and see things from the other side.

Give you excellent resources to explore the world of mediumship and life after death for yourself.

I will endeavor my utmost best to share links, books, classes, and events created by those individuals, groups, and organizations who are truly invested in quality mediumship and the evidence for the continuation of consciousness.

With Love