The answer you gave, packaged in a lightning bolt.

Did I need to allow this event to occur? Or should I have listened and gently bowed out?

I place you in a hot air balloon, and banish events to the past.

I send all of my negative energy into the ground, and the cord cutting begins.

I didn’t realize that there were so many, not thick, but plentiful. Connections of expectations, magical moments, but your magical moments no longer serve me.

One by one is each is snipped with nail scissors, how weak those cords were, as flimsy as cotton thread. But I thought that they were made of gold.

As the threads separate,

You float away……….. with compassionate thoughts as the breeze

I reach for a flame and the tendrils burn away.

The ashes fall to the ground creating fertilizer for new beginnings. Thank you for the gift of choice and endless divine possibilities.

Ashes rain down, down, down into mother earth. She allows small life forces to collect those burnt fragments of a dream, and crush those boulders of pain.

Their desire to recreate is seen in the twinkle in their eyes, their excitement becomes my joy, and finally, I exhale.

What they do, I cannot tell,

As the process unfolds, each fragment, each boulder transforms into small sparks that dance around my being.

The sparks blend, brighter, bigger, brighter, bigger, brighter, until.

The light takes over my vision and surrounds my being. It travels into my broken places. Not just healing, but transformation occurs. Those places now divinely touched.

The power within grows as my light blends with divine light.

Transformed, empowered, am ready to serve.